Monday, 23 March 2015

Christians are the most blessed and privileged people on the earth.

The great decision we may make is to become an ambassador for Christ and to determine to faithfully represent Him wherever we may be, to whomever we may meet. This involves our Christian character and life-style as we faithfully live out the principles of our commitment. It also involves speaking about Christ, confessing our allegiance to Him, and giving witness about Him to others. Telling them why Christ came into the world and what He has accomplished on their behalf. In this manner we become His witnesses. We are numbered amongst those who make Christ known to their fellow men, and endeavor with God’s help, to bring them to a saving knowledge of Him.
jean Claude sharing a Bible to a military. We are privileged to provide Bibles, quality gospel tracts and discipleship material that speaks to the heart of those in uniform and assists Christians to evangelize and disciple others in their unit.
Every church leader has a solemn responsibility to provide the kind of leadership and inspiration that will encourage the churches to be active and effective in their witness and in spreading the Good News. As we consider this truth we realize how high a privilege and how great a responsibility God has given to every pastor and leader. A responsibility that we can only begin to fulfil as we depend wholly on the strength and inspiration that only God can impart to us. We are living in very critical times which are sorely testing mankind. Days of extremity and intense pressures when men and women around the world are reaching out for answers and solutions beyond themselves. It is also a time of harvest for God’s Kingdom. Many nations are opening up to the Gospel as never before. The Church of Jesus Christ is expanding rapidly in many nations, particularly some of the countries in Africa and Asia. God is placing a mantle of ministry on men and women and using them in a powerful manner to reach their generation with the message of Jesus as Savior, Lord and King. A pastor could never win a community alone. He needs helpers and coworkers to effectively reach that community. Every church member should be made aware of and sensitive to pre-Christians. They must be taught and trained to communicate with those who have not yet trusted Christ. We must encourage them by all means to reach out sensitively and compassionately to unconverted persons. Our witness for Christ must be far more than merely preaching at them. We must genuinely believe that God will put His love for sinners into our hearts. Every believer must be taught and encouraged to reach out in love and compassion to all who are still outside of Christ. It is as every joint and every part of the Body works together effectually that the Body is edified and grows to full stature.( Eph. 4 :16 ) Be prayerfully alert to any indications that God is moving you towards commencing a new fellowship. You may find a number of people in your church who live in close proximity to each other in an area some distance from your church. Begin to consider the possibility of launching a new congregation there. Or perhaps there is a population explosion developing in an area close to your church. Start to prayerfully consider ways in which the Gospel can be shared there and of how a new fellowship might be commenced.

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