Sunday, 30 March 2014


During our reflection in the 9th Annual Conference session of the United Methodist Church Cote D’Ivoire which was in YOPOUGON District at EXODE church, from 26 to 30 March 2014.  Bishop Benjamin Boni exhorted the church to support its mission program in Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Burkina and Niger. In these countries; evangelism is rare or absent. The delegates who came from Burkina Faso and Guinea Conakry were happy to be present at the annual conference. It was a good opportunity for me to hear more stories of hope to spread the gospel. There is need of abundant gospel sowing because the surrounding countries are dominated by Muslims.   

           In the middle is a church planter from Burkina Faso who came at annual Conference

Another story, this time about John Wesley;
John Wesley was an itinerant evangelist traveling widely in order to preach the Gospel. One day, someone challenged him that he should only speak to people about the Lord when he sensed God prompting him. He tried it for one week. During that time he spoke to virtually no one because he never sensed the Lords' prompting. At the end of the week he concluded this didn't work and went back to speaking to everyone he met. I speak to myself: we have lost the art of abundant Gospel sowing.   As Methodists, we have to sow abundantly because we will also reap abundantly.

 Delegates from Guinea Conakry from left Pastor Grah who is living in Conakry and on the middle brothers from Guinea Conakry. 

We are planning to train church planters and deploy them to plant multiple churches. In the Gospels the establishment of the church is announced and prepared by Jesus’s teaching of the kingdom. Although the kingdom of God cannot be equated with the church, the church is God’s primary instrument in this age to advance his kingdom as a sign of and witness to the kingdom that will one day come in fullness. Every Church Planting in this region will be accompanied by abundant sowing of the gospel.

 The life-changing power of the gospel
Never underestimate the power of the gospel.   Let me say it again—never, never, never, ever, whatever your assignment, wherever you go, never underestimate the power of the gospel. Treasure it. Go deep in it. Explore its riches. Live it out in your ministries. Embody it in your leadership teams and congregations.  Guard it with your life, and entrust it to others.

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