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February, 2014 Newsletter in Cote d'Ivoire

Dear beloved in Jesus Christ. I thank God for your support and commitment to God’s mission. Thank you so much for all donations. Receive our warm greetings from the Cote D’Ivoire Annual Conference and my family. February 2014 was a wonderful month in our ministries. God of mission has used us to preach the God News to a Muslim in our house and gave him an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ. Here is Alasan’s story.

ALASAN’s story who converted to Christianity

Alasan is about 45 of age; he was a Muslim living in a slum called Washington here in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. The Cote d’Ivoire Government has destroyed this particular slum; Alasan was now squatting to his friend’s house. Because of poverty and lack of resources, his wife runs away and left Alasan with one daughter who is about 1year and half. Alasan started looking good life to Marabou (witchcrafts), his friend a Muslim IMAN proposed him to sacrifice his daughter for him to be rich but Alasan was hesitating for a period. The day he decided to bring his daughter to his friend he collapsed down into the road.  The place he felt down was at our gate of the house. My wife Francine Masuka, saw a man down with his baby on his chest, many people were passing him.
 Francine decided to go near him; she finds Alasan was too breathless to speak; he was agitated by a severe asthma attack. The head of Alasan was swollen. Francine took courage to invite him to our house; she bathed the baby and gave clothes and food to them. Alasan revealed to me that he was going to sacrifice his baby, he don’t know how he is in the pastor’s house. After a message of salvation to him, Alasan cried for repentance and he decided to receive Jesus Christ in his life. He testified that he was about to die without sacrificing his daughter but Jesus Christ is a living God, who gave him life. After prayer; we gave him 20,000 Francs CFA( about $40 USD)  for his rent deposit, we gave  food, clothes and a bible for him to start  a new life. Alasan cried to see another life in Jesus Christ’s family; we accepted to stay with his daughter  until he will be fine. Alasan is now friend in Jesus Christ.  You are invited to pray for him.  

                                                         Francine was bathing NORA

Alasan has experienced the power of God’s word and he has touched the bible for the first time in his life.

                                                                    Alasan with his baby Nora   


If you are interested to support our ministries your are welcome. 

                                      Women empowerment program in Bingerville:  

Pastor Pierrette Beugré has shared with us a vision to empower widows in bingerville village where she is ministering. Women have learned how to make soap for self-sufficient, how to share the Good news of Jesus Christ using the wordless book.

Empowering women and young ladies is one of our goals in Cote d’Ivoire to alleviate human suffering and fight poverty.  Evangelism is to share the Good News to people. 

                                                   Marie and Francine were planning to teach women the trade of doing the fabric called the loom.

                                       Children Good News Club in Yopougon,  Abidjan. 

                                                                                             I  was teaching teens a prayer lesson 

                                                                                               Marie Fattoh was teaching biblical lesson.  


                                                                                                             Children were praying 


                                                                                            Francine Masuka was giving advices to children

Following is a partial list of needs for which you might intercede as guided by the Spirit.  Pray for many churches to enter in covenant relationship with us. Pray for a mission vehicle project which will enable us to reach the rural areas to plant UMC congregations and do evangelization.
Remember, you are part of this mission. I am not working independently in this foreign land.  I have been sent by you brothers and sisters called Methodists so that we share together the burden, the work, and the rewards.
I invite you to extend your support by entering into a Covenant Relationship through supporting my Missionary Advance #3021390. Consider also volunteering and sharing the story of my ministry with your church.
Thank you so much for your support.

My contacts are: 

Address 01 BP 1282 Abidjan 01
CONTACTS: +22556282278

Skype is: Claude Masuka

Facebook: Masuka Maleka

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