Wednesday, 17 July 2013

God’s Way to Transform

It is great to experience how God brings about transformation in individuals, families, communities and nations. Our role is to equip local church leaders to prepare members to carry out the transformational assignment God has given each of them.  God is indeed in the business of transformation. Throughout Scripture, God shows us his desire for healing and restoration in individuals, families and communities.

Making disciples is God’s way of transforming individuals, families and communities. God uses the process of personal discipleship to bring about spiritual transformation in individuals’ lives, and in turn, those transformed individuals influence their business, family, school and, in time, whole cities and nations.


Africa, our continent where we live, has been evangelized over and over again. But it has not been discipled.  Africa desperately needs a new kind of Christian and a new way of doing church. When we disciple people in small groups, we are doing church the way Jesus did it. He modeled a new concept of church by gathering a few men and women and teaching them to love and obey Him. The church is the only hope of the world that can bring a real transformation. 

Changed lives will automatically transform families. Transformed families will also change communities. When communities are restored this process will change the whole nation.

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