Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Consecration is the best gratitude gift to God

Consecration is one of the gratitude gifts we should give our God.  Consecration is giving yourself and all that you have to the Lord, nothing held back, for Him to use however He chooses. God calls this “living sacrifice” our “reasonable service” and urges “brethren” believers to give this life gift (Romans 12:1).

Christians missionaries are called to go anywhere, anytime to do anything:

                                                                                             1 .  ANYWHERE!
“God, I’ll go anywhere in the world you want me to go. That includes visiting my grouchy neighbor or boring cousin as well as going to faraway place someday if you want me to be a foreign missionary.”

·        " Prayer for Consecrated People"

God, Father and Source of all that is good, in every age and place. You call forth women and men to consecrate their lives to You. Cognizant of the privilege of this call and its accompanying graces, we praise and thank You for the consecrated lives of missionaries, sisters and brothers throughout the world and in particular those living and serving within our own United Methodist Church. Your call to holiness extends to every man, woman and child. May the goodness and holiness of those for whom we pray serve as beacons lighting the path for all who seek a closer walk with You. We ask this of You, through Jesus, Your Son, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, One God dwelling in everlasting glory.   Amen."

            2.   ANYTIME!
“I’ll go anytime you want me to go, Lord even in the middle of my favorite TV program, or while it is pouring rain, or when my best friend refuses to come with me.”

                                                                                     3.     ANYTHING!

“I’ll do both hard things and easy things anything for you, Lord. Help me to know what you want me to do and give me the power I need to do a good job.”

God’s gift to me is JESUS (John 3:16)                                    My gift to God is myself (Romans 12:1)

Dear friends in the Lord Jesus Christ, continue supporting me and all colleagues missionaries around the world  to preach the Gospel and make disciples for the transformation of the world.

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