Monday, 13 May 2013

Women are raising funds in Busia to purchase church land

Women's farm
Most of our congregations in Busia district don’t have any permanent churches or well-constructed building.  Busia district is situated at the border with Uganda, it is in rural area. We have 10 congregations and most of them are in rural areas and the majority of the members are poor. 

                                                                     Bumala Church
They love God and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to see their lives to be changed.
The members, who are in extreme poverty and are unable to afford the vital resources necessary to sustain life, including safe drinking water, land to grow large amounts of food, and shelter from serious diseases like Malaria. 
                                         Fundraising at Sigalame UMC for land issue

Despite the challenges which our members are facing; the church is growing rapidly and more new members are joining the United Methodist Church. Our local pastors are doing incredible work for the Lord. Most of the churches are raising funds to buy Church land because this is the most difficult issue in Kenya.  
                                                                  Jean claude at Amase church

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