Monday, 6 May 2013

One story of Planting Churches in rural area

The story of AMASE UMC in Kenya
Today many Christian believers have located miracles in past history because of their failure to see miracles.  How do you explain an absence of miracles in your experience when the New Testament is filled with miracles? Among more blessings in my ministries; I would like to share with you a recent blessing story which I invite you to continue praying for us. I have been invited in Busia district to visit Teso village in western province of Kenya. From Kisumu where I live to that place, is almost 160Km by motorcycles.  My wife Francine and I decided to visit the place, accompanied by the district superintend of Busia, Rev David Egesa.

 When we reached the place, we were surprised to find the place without a church even a single structure. Teso area is known as the area of witchcraft and more people believe in traditions.
One family accepted to offer their plot under a Mango’s tree to start AMASE congregation.  A number of the community member came at the first worship service that day.  It was a special Sunday; I realized that when you are called, you are called, no matter how bad circumstances look or how tired you get.

As you are faithful to your call, God will honor your obedience and help you finish your appointed course. The sermon was on the necessity of salvation (Jn3:16); after offering Jesus Christ them as the gift of love, life and salvation.  Many people accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  

Because of the joy to experience Jesus Christ in their lives; the host family donated a haft of their land for the community to have a temporary structure.  Everyone pledged to do something for the church to be constructed quickly.  After two weeks, 

I have seen what means “making disciple of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world” Everyone participated to see this project to happen.  My wife Francine also started a Sunday school as we are seeing the future of this congregation.

  The Amase community is now experiencing God’s presence. This congregation needs our prayer support and encouragements. 

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