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Our mission is bringing Christ’s hope, love to address community's needs.

Last year in 2012, during my visits at Chiendu UMC, I preached at the Church, my sermon was on Acts 3: 6 “Rise Up and walk”. I found the place very poor and no initiative.  After our visit, Nyabomoke women group was formed by 20 United Methodist Women. The group was formed to fight against hunger and poverty in Chiendu village. Their main objectives of the group were to solve the roaming crises of food security, to uplift the standards of living of rural women and to campaign against HIV/AIDS.  
                                                               The committee

                                                     Preparation for fish farming

Today the group is doing miracles. They are producing Banana, Potato and doing fish farming.  Because of their commitment, many women are joining the group.  The main sources of funds are the membership fee of Kshs. 500 per member almost $ 6 USD and the sale of agricultural productions. We give honor to God for what He is doing in the lives of these women.  

We invite you to partner with us, consider volunteering, participating in an outreach trip, or sharing the story of the ministry with your organization or church.

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