Saturday, 4 May 2013

Coaching local pastors to transform communities

                                       Coaching local pastors to transform communities
A good coach helps a local pastor do things he or she never thought possible. At Amase UMC, the congregation was challenged to make difference; after gathered under the mango’s tree. The members offered themselves to have a temporary building where they will worship God. Methodism has a long history of developing and deploying “coaches” who help fellow Methodists to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. These “coaches” are known as class leaders.  We walk alongside the local pastors; by teaching, correcting and encouraging them. Disciples are made by other disciples who coach them into discipleship. You are welcome to assist others… 

As God calls you to use your gifts in ministry, you have an important role as a pastoral leader to help those in your congregation or ministry setting discern their gifts, interests, and passions.

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