Sunday, 28 April 2013

                                 MY REFLECTION ON LOCAL CHURCHES IN AFRICA

 "In moving around this area, I have discovered that local churches are not involved in the matters which are concerned them like poverty and hunger. Many organizations go through the local churches in order to reach the communities but the local churches do not see such development programmes as part of their ministry. Rather, they see themselves as part of the beneficiaries of the programmes. This is because of tradition. There is need of mindset which can inspire and equip the local churches to go out where the people are, listen to them, and find out what their needs; so that together with all partners they can design programs to meet their needs.

God called and equipped the church not to minister to its members only, but to reach out and minister in a holistic way to needy people who are outside the church. The mission of the church is to declare and demonstrate the Gospel (Matt.28:18,19; Matt.22:37-39) to a sinful and a suffering world unto the building of the Kingdom of God. There is always the tendency for the local church to be inward looking and not outward looking thereby concentrating its programs on its members forgetting about the needy people outside there. Jesus said we (the church) are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.(Matt.5:13,14). This means the local church must have a positive influence on the community in which it is situated. " Jean Claude Masuka Maleka

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